Get Your Life Back - Rashmi Sanjay

February 12, 2018
In 2017, Rashmi Sanjay was diagnosed with a tumour on her cervical spine. Paralysis from the neck down was a real possibility with or without surgery. After a successful surgery to remove the tumour, Rashmi came to West Park's Neuro Rehab program. Working with her West Park team, Rashmi wanted to walk on her own, and be able to dress herself again, get her life back as an active wife and mother, return to work, and teach yoga again. Now Rashmi is well on her way to getting her life back. West Park is building a new campus of care to help people like Rashmi get their lives back. The strong focus on occupational therapy in the new hospital means patients like Rashmi will be able to practice activities of daily living in their own rooms. To support the Get Your Life Back Capital Campaign and patients like Rashmi, visit .

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