Together, We are West Park - 30 second TV commercial

December 29, 2008
"Together, We Are West Park" is a public service announcement campaign designed to raise awareness and promote West Park Healthcare Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For years West Park has been seen as a hidden jewel, or best kept secret. West Park staff, physicians, patients and volunteers are proud of the stellar service the Centre provides and want the world to know about it. And so an awareness campaign about West Park was born. Not only would it promote West Park but also highlight the partnership between staff, patients, volunteers and donors and the Centre's role on the road to recovery. The end result is a campaign that is hopeful, uplifting and inspirational and features West Park staff and patients. It includes this 30-second television spot, as well as advertisements in newspaper and magazines, on transit shelters and billboards, and even on internet web sites. The campaign would not have been possible without a significant number of people who willingly donated their time and talents in the creation of the campaign. Special thanks go to Laura Gaggi and Ken Kirk and their team at Gaggi Media; Pamela McNamara and her team at Shooters Film; creative director David Adams; Blue Highway for post production of the TV commercial; and Tattoo Studios for recording of the song. The song "Together, We are West Park" was created by: Singer/Songwriter: Jeen O'Brien/Tattoo Sound + Music Music Producer: Steve Gadsden Tattoo Sound + Music Music Production House: Tattoo Sound + Music
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Making of West Park TV Commercial
Making of West Park TV Commercial

The making of the West Park TV Commercial

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