2015 Spirit of Philanthropy Award

June 30, 2015
Every year, the West Park Foundation recognizes an individual who has shown a commitment and contribution of time and energy to help further the Foundation’s efforts. This year, the recipient is Mike Frost. Mike is the Supervisor of CSR and Communications and a West Park Staff Family Campaign Champion. Mike knew about West Park long before he started working here nearly 25 years ago. Both of his parents were patients at the Centre and he grew up on a street just off Buttonwood Avenue. As a top Family Campaign donor through the payroll giving program, year after year, Mike is a shining example of the culture of philanthropy that exists at West Park through his generous giving. Mike has said ‘Every day that I walk into the hospital I am humbled. West Park gives so many people hope, so I know my giving is going towards a great cause because I see the results.’ We would like to thank Mike for always supporting the Foundation and valuing the importance of the work done at West Park. His generosity is most appreciated.
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